Why the thumbprint?

Scott Lindstrom-Dake, Founder/Winemaker of thumbprint cellars creates New World wines in an Old World style. A Northern California native, he had developed a taste for great wine, but couldn’t afford to buy them as a college student. After an inspiring trip to Florence, Italy to study Art History Scott decided to start making wine. Gleening grapes from local winegrowers around Healdsburg, CA gave Scott a unique perspective of the grape quality available from Sonoma County’s Alexander and Dry Creek Valleys. His first vintage was a success and he and Erica drank most of their bounty. MOST!

The holiday came around and as college students the couple decided to give away some of their prized wine to friends and family. Erica instructed Scott to sign some bottles with a gold pen she’d bought. After reading the directions, Scott aggressively shook the pen and pressed in the tip as directed. Rather than the flowing, graceful ink Scott had expected, the ink oozed all over the bottle. Using his thumb to wipe of the dripping gold ink, Scott inadvertently stuck a gold thumbprint on one of the other bottles. Soon, they all adorned one of Scott’s gold thumbprints. The wine was a hit and more of that “thumbprint wine” was requested! A passion and new wine brand were born.

Following the first release in 1995, each successive thumbprint vintage brought more demand. Scott's first commercial vintage in 2000 sold out in fewer than six months following its release. A wine club was established and thumbprint wines became wildly popular.  Wine grapes are sourced from local growers from Sonoma County’s Dry Creek, Knights, Alexander and Russian River Valleys. Each wine is a “snapshot” of the vineyard and vintage, telling a story about that special place and time. Scott crafts 20 single vineyard varietals and 5 “infamous” blends. Total case production is less than 5,000 cases. 

thumbprint cellars continues to leave it's mark on Sonoma County's Wine Industry. The Founder who started this venture as a garage hobby continues to craft significant single vineyard wines and Classically styled Bordeaux and Rhône blends. Scott personally assures his thumbprint on each bottle represents it's own unique identity.

thumbprint cellars is a boutique winery, tasting room, and art gallery located in downtown Healdsburg, California. We specialize in a luxurious and uniquely intimate experience — with welcoming people and wines that you won’t be able to keep your hands off of. Our limited-production wine is artfully crafted to seduce your senses and raise your eyebrows—whether you’re a connoisseur or just a little wine curious. Each sip will leave its mark on you — and it’ll feel so right.