Why the thumbprint?

A thumbprint is something that is both unique and identifiable. It’s an intimate part of someone as it can be used to distinguish individuality in a recognizable way. Here at thumbprint cellars our founder and winemaker, Scott Lindstrom-Dake creates artisanal wines that are truly unique and serve as a reflection of his own identity. What better way to represent his craftsmanship than with his own thumbprint on each and every bottle? This brand was not a result of focus groups and marketing meetings – it was much more simple and serendipitous.

thumbprint cellars began as a hobby for Scott while studying art in college. A Northern California native, he had developed a taste for great wine, but couldn’t afford much of his own. So, he began making it. Mostly to impress his future wife, Erica —because, well, ladies dig a big wine cellar.

Scott used to sign each bottle he gave away. One night, while preparing for a party, his pen broke and spilled ink everywhere. Scott hurried to capture the ink as it ran down the bottle. An inadvertent upsweep of his thumb created a gold thumbprint on one of the bottles. Ever the curious artist, he began dipping his thumb in the ink and placing thumbprints on each bottle he planned to bring to the party.

That night, people kept asking for the “wine with the thumbprint on it,” and, as is often the case, art created the artist. The thumbprint brand was born — and has continued growing ever since.

As thumbprint cellars has matured over the years, the mark is a constant reminder that each wine represents winemaker and owner, Scott unique identity -- it’s part of who he is, and more than anything, he enjoys sharing this intimate part of himself with you. But don’t worry—he’ll give you the part that tastes great.


Erica and Scott Lindstrom-Dake, proprietors and winemaker of thumbprint cellars, are always in awe of the beauty and bounty Sonoma County has to offer. They are proud to see thumbprint take its place alongside the many fantastic wine producers of Sonoma County and the world! The unique blends and award winning wines - all featuring the exclusive thumbprint signature - continue to lure both local and international wine enthusiasts.

Following the first release in 1995, each successive vintage brought more demand, hence more wine. Scott's first commercial vintage in 2000 sold out in fewer than six months following its release. A wine club was established and thumbprint wines became wildly popular.

Despite its growth thumbprint cellars has maintained exclusivity and can be obtained by visiting the tasting room, purchasing online or by becoming a member of their wine club.

Scott and Erica invite you to come and visit their tasting lounge in Healdsburg, California where you can experience their vision firsthand.


At thumbprint cellars, we source our wine grapes from local growers throughout Sonoma County. Our grapes come from Dry Creek Valley, Alexander Valley, Russian River Valley and Knights Valley. Scott enjoys making single vineyard designate wines. Think of these wines as a “snapshot” of each vineyard and vintage, telling a story about that special place and time. Scott crafts 20 single vineyard varietals, along with 5 infamous blends. With 25 different varietals offered, we make a wine for everyone! Total case production is less than 5,000 cases and our largest production is 400 cases. You can taste the care and craftsmanship in every bottle.

thumbprint cellars is a boutique winery, tasting room, and art gallery located in downtown Healdsburg, California. We specialize in a luxurious and uniquely intimate experience — with welcoming people and wines that you won’t be able to keep your hands off of. Our limited-production wine is artfully crafted to seduce your senses and raise your eyebrows—whether you’re a connoisseur or just a little wine curious. Each sip will leave its mark on you — and it’ll feel so right.