thumbprint's footprint

thumbprint cellars is committed to making great wine with minimal environmental impact by employing sustainable practices in all aspects of our production

Founder and winemaker, Scott Lindstrom-Dake, actively seeks partnerships with growers that farm their grapes in an organic fashion. This ethical approach also means a better overall product as the wine is made from what it’s supposed to be made from without the added nonsense.

We at thumbprint cellars strive to bring a unique approach to all that we do and when it comes to sustainability, we do our best to make sure that no detail is overlooked. We seek to be proactive with every aspect of our product. Here are a few examples of how we have reduced our carbon footprint:

Our bottles:We are partnering with an American glass company with production facilities in North America, eliminating the need for overseas transport. This also contributes to more jobs in the US.

Upcycling is our jam. We take empty wine bottles and have them repurposed into attractive candle holders and tumblers (thumblers if we are being specific).
You won’t find any foil on our bottles – don’t need it and they would just end up in a landfill.
No paper labeling means fewer materials needed to promote our brand.

Our corks:

The black, synthetic corks aren’t just an aesthetic choice – they represent a commitment to our wine and the environment. Manufactured by an environmentally conscious company that source their materials locally for transportation reduction while actively increasing their use of renewable energy in their production facilities. Current corks allow for 33% less oxygen transfer extending the life of our wine up to another 48 months and eliminate the concern for wine spoilage due to cork taint. Lower density materials mean a reduced carbon footprint and they are fully recyclable. Future corks (in use during the next bottling cycle!) will be manufactured from renewable plant-based polymers meaning zero carbon footprint (that’s as low as it gets friends). The manufacturing process of these corks will use 100% renewable energy and minimal water consumption. Still fully recyclable and ideal for sustainable wines.

Our facility:

We use night air fans for natural cellar cooling instead of electric cooling units.
Our lights are being transitioned to LED lighting.
All of our MOGS (Matter other than Grape) and lees are reworked into the vineyard soil.
More upcycling: our barrels are repurposed into furniture by a local artisan.

These are but a few of the efforts we make in order to maintain an ethos of environmental sensitivity in all that we do. We are constantly looking for more ways to improve our standing as global citizens and tirelessly investigate the latest and most innovative approaches to improve our sustainability. We are currently exploring using solar technology at the winery as well as looking to have a complete line of American made retail items.

Our goal is to be the big thumbprint with a tiny footprint.

Our corks are fully recyclable