Our Vineyards

thumbprint cellars sources wine grapes from local growers here in Sonoma County, most of them like us, small family-owned ventures. Our wine grapes come from Dry Creek Valley, Alexander Valley, Russian River Valley and Knights Valley. Most of the wines Scott crafts are single vineyard, single varietal expressions of each individual vineyard the grapes come from. Think of the wines as a “snapshot” from each vineyard and vintage telling a story about that special place and time.

Let us introduce you to some of our vineyards and growers.

Andolsen Vineyard
Appellation: Dry Creek Valley
Growers: Dr. Andy & Julie Andolsen
Location: 779 W. Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg, CA
Year Planted: 1997
Total Acres: 14
Varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon
Clone: 6
Elevation: 600ft. Above sea level
Soil Type: Alluvial Loam. Ancient sea floor soil that has been tilted sideways by tectonic movement, meaning multiple layers of soil influence the vines.
Average Temperature: 83-48 degrees

Angeli Vineyard Appellation: Alexander Valley
Growers: Jeff Angeli
Location: 28909 River Road, Cloverdale, CA
Year Planted: 1908
Total Acres: 30
Varietals: Carignane
Elevation: 308ft. Above sea level
Soil Type Cortina/Yolo
Average Temperature: 83-49 degrees

Bacigalupi Vineyard
Appellation: Russian River Valley
Growers: John Bacigalupi & Family
Location: 4353 Westside Road, Healdsburg, CA
Year Planted: 1964
Total Acres: 65
Varietals: Pinot Noir
Clone: Pinot Clones: 667, 777, Pommard
Elevation: 117ft. Above sea level
Soil Type: Yolo/Arbuckle
Average Temperature: 79-48 degrees
Certifications: Fish Friendly & Salmon Safe

Frei Vineyard
Appellation: Alexander Valley
Growers: John Frei
Location: 353 Hwy 128. Geyserville. One block east of downtown Geyserville on the corner of Remmell Rd and Hwy 128.
Year Planted: 1990
Total Acres: 11
Varietals: Merlot
Clone: 3
Elevation: 210ft. Above sea level
Soil Type: Cortina/Yolo. Very gravely sandy loam
Average Temperature: 81-48 degrees
Certifications: Sustainability in Practice

J&B Schmidt Vineyard
Appellation: Dry Creek
Growers: Janice & Brian Schmidt
Location: “Right in the middle of Dry Creek Valley.” Valley floor, about a half mile past Truett Hurst, on the left hand side. Across from Chateau Diana. The vineyard extends from Dry Creek Rd all the way to the actual Dry Creek.
Year Planted: 2006
Total Acres: 69
Varietals: Viognier, Malbec & Petit Verdot
Elevation: 180ft. Above sea level
Soil Type: Arbuckle/Yolo. Loamy that is well-draining with a mix of sand, silt and some clay.
Planting: 9ft. Vines by 6ft.
Average Temperature: 82-48 degrees
Certifications: Sustainability in Practice

Lisa’s Vineyard
Appellation: Knights Valley
Growers: Harvey & Lisa Carr
Location: 18655 Foss Hill Rd. Less than a half mile from the Napa/Sonoma county line on Hwy 128. At the southern base of Mt. St. Helena. Total Acres: 8.7 total (We source from the "Top Block" of 1.95 acres)
Varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon
Clone: 7
Elevation: 620ft. Above Sea Level
Planting: Southwestern facing on 5 degree slope
Soil Type: Red Hill/Series; Red Hill Clay Loam: well draining volcanic soil consisting of limestone, sandstone & shale. Typically found on steep hillside slopes.
Average Temperature: 82-49 degrees
Certifications: Biodynamic & Fish Friendly Farming

Nugent Vineyardno longer planted
Appellation: Russian River Valley
Grower: Joe Nugent
Location: West Santa Rosa. North of Guerneville Rd between Fulton and Willowside Roads, on Abramson Road.
Year Planted: 1993 (Dijon clones). 2008 (Pommard clone)
Total Acres: 20.2
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Clones: Dijon 115, Dijon 667 & Pommard Elevation: 95 ft above sea level
Soil Type: Huichica/Valley floor loam found exclusively in coastal Sonoma & Napa counties.
Avg temperature: 78-47 degrees

Sciaini Vineyard
Appellation: Alexander Valley
Growers: Jonie Sciaini
Location: 25975 River Road, Cloverdale
Year Planted: 1974
Total Acres: 4
Varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon
Clone: 337
Elevation: 305ft. Above Sea Level
Soil Type: Alluvial/Sobrante/Yolo
Average Temperature: 83-48 degrees