Spring 2019 Newsletter

24th Apr 2019 @ 16:16 by Hannah

What's in the glass at the end of the rainbow?

Cabernet Sauvignon, of course!

Cab continues to reign as King in the wine world, and I have been proudly crafting this varietal for over 20 years. It's been exciting to taste the development of these wines while they have progressed from grapes to thoughtfully aged wines. The vineyards I work with are producing some of the highest quality grapes world-wide. Specifically, the 2014 and 2015 Sonoma County vintages are among the best vintages I've worked with. I’m pleased to send a few examples to you in this shipment.

You will have the privilege to compare the similarities and the differences between the two Cabernet Sauvignons. The 2014 Knights Valley Cabernet from Lisa's Vineyard is the easternmost appellation we source from, sitting between Sonoma and Napa County, where ‘mountain fruit’ vines prevail. The 2015 Alexander Valley Cabernet from Sciaini Vineyard is our northernmost vineyard source. Both of these wines offer complexity gained from exquisite sustainable farming practices. Each vineyard was picked at its peak of ripeness and directly delivered to our winery to ensure the quality of all the grapes. A healthy fermentation cycle converted the sugars to alcohol and began the aging process in perfect balance. Barrel selection is an important aspect of winemaking I love to experiment with. I source all of ours from low-yield cooperages that are skilled in producing characteristics which benefit these wines; taking the fruit components and integrating them with subtle spice notes to build the aroma, texture, flavor, and complexity of the wine.

The other wines I selected for this shipment are tasting beautifully right now. The Viognier and Rosé will satiate your thirst with complex but refreshing delight. Our 2014 Sciaini Cab has been stunning since originally released in April of 2017 and continues to age elegantly. Our Friends with Benefits club also gets the very last of our 2013 Malbec and 2013 Syrah. Talk about a treat! If you're looking for something delicious tonight these are a great choice. Feel free to venture off your typical tasting patterns and explore some of the other delightful wines I make for you! Overall, wine is about a moment in time. Whether it is a glass at dinner or a special bottle you’ve been saving, it’s about your relaxation, rejuvenation, and enjoyment. All of my thumbprint wines have been carefully developed to make any moment in time perfect. I find joy in making wines I like to drink, but my number one priority is to take care of my wine family. As always, I look forward to hearing any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have and I will respond with elation.

Lisa's Vineyard Spotlight

lisa's vineyard top block Owners & Growers: Lisa Carr and Harvey Hoefer
Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon
Clones: 7, 337, and 887
Soil: Volcanic loam

Lisa and Harvey were introduced to me by another grape grower in early 2007. My initial visit to their vineyard was so inspiring I could hardly restrain my enthusiasm. Their certified organic vineyard has a certain energy I feel whenever I visit. I can breathe easier and think clearer as I am surrounded by the delicate nuances of the trees, wildflowers, soil and creeks. I immediately told Erica about this amazing place and we agreed to purchase their organic cabernet sauvignon grapes for our 2007 harvest. Since then, I have been crafting our exquisite Lisa’s Vineyard cabernet from grapes grown with meticulous precision.

In addition to the honor of making wine from their amazing grapes, Lisa and Harvey have become dear friends. Many meals and bottles of wine have been shared on their lovely property. My love of the water is complemented by Harvey’s mastery of sailing and we have taken club members sailing on the Bay, picinic’d on Angel Island and of course drank Lisa’s Vineyard cabernet, on their beautiful sailboat. We have shuttled groups to their property in Knights Valley for intimate tastings and impromptu pool parties. We’ve harvested olives from their century old trees. The list goes on!

Lisa and Harvey endured The Tubbs fire in 2017 which roared over their property and left patches of devastation still visible on their land. After being evacuated, ‘sleeping’ in their Westfalia at the thumbprint winery overnight, they returned the next day to find their 10,000 gallon water tank had emptied due to melted pipes. They used pool water to douse spot fires all over their property until coheresing a Cal Fire squad parked nearby to join the fight, ultimately saving their structures and vineyards. This story of perseverance only begins to describe the incredible character of our friends, Lisa and Harvey. The wines I craft from their grapes are complex, dynamic and full of character. I am 100% certain this is due to the care and love that is poured into this amazing place from these two wonderful people. We hope you can taste the magic of these grapes that I’ve harnessed into every bottle.


Scott and Erica Lindstrom-Dake