Fall 2019 Newsletter - Sonoma County Harvest

20th Aug 2019 @ 15:47 by Hannah

We're getting ready for the 2019 Harvest here in Sonoma County. This doesn't mean we're close yet. It always seems like when we plan waaaayyy ahead, but the grapes just take their time ripening and we end up in a holding pattern, waiting for the day it all starts. Being 2-3 weeks behind means longer hang-time for the grapes, which means more evenly ripened clusters. This, of course, means more complex varietal characters in the grapes we'll be fermenting, aging and bottling a few years down the line. We're predicting slightly lower yields than compared to 2017 and '18 and typically lower yields translate to higher quality wines. I'll keep you posted as we get a little closer.

We have some amazing wines to offer you from the stellar 2015 vintage! The highly anticipated Single Vineyard Series Petit Verdot makes it's debut while replacing our previous Dry Creek vintage. This stunning Alexander Valley, Single Vineyard Petit Verdot has a vibrant purple hue, baking spice and dark fruit aromas, with mouthwatering textures and balanced complexity that pulls it all together nicely. This wine should be amazing with your Thanksgiving meal… if you can wait that long. This limited production will sell out. Make sure to order more now before it's gone! You will thank us later, as this varietal became a favorite to many.

The 2015 Climax is my super blend: 56% Zinfandel, 26% Syrah, 9% Cabernet Sauvignon, 8% Malbec and 1% Viognier compose uncompromising complexity. I have so much fun arranging the blends to create a sum greater than their parts. A stunning dark hue, briary blackberry aromas and flavors and full-bodied mouthfeel explode with layers of fruit, spice and textures. Enjoy now or cellar through 2025.

Vineyard Spotlight: Ramazzotti Vineyard - Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County

Zinfandel and Dry Creek Valley are an insurmountable pairing! Finding the best spot to grow Zin here isn't difficult. The 2 1/2 mile wide by 16 mile long valley is narrow in comparison to many appellations but still offers unique micro-climates and varied soil structures. The Ramazzotti Vineyard is a hillside vineyard planted into volcanic loam and a rocky sub-structure in the northeastern part of Dry Creek Valley. Vines aged between 40-100 years old, are well-tended year round to produce a dynamic, quintessential zinfandel that boasts a cabernet-like complexity and unmistakable varietal character. 2-3% each of Carignane and Petite Sirah are planted within the block grown for thumbprint to create a field blend. If you ask any credible winemaker what their favorite wine is to make and drink many will divulge it is Zinfandel. They will also confess it is the most difficult wine to make, without a doubt. Having this amazing vineyard to source our Zinfandel grapes from helps curb the difficulty a bit. Working with growers like Joe Ramazzotti makes it well worth the wait.