Art Gallery

The tasting lounge is also an art gallery, proudly showcasing the work of Sonoma County artists. Founder/winemaker Scott Lindstrom-Dake has a degree in Fine Arts and unlike many scientific-minded winemakers, Scott views winemaking as a form of art—taking raw ingredients and creating a magical, multi-sensory experience. It’s that artistic expression that leads him to experiment with unique varietals and interesting blends — all part of an ongoing attempt to create a masterpiece!

Resident Artists:

Vaso Peritos Fine Art
Vaso's vibrant art depicts the joy of enjoying a delicious glass of wine. Ideal for the oenophile art collector who loves the splash of color that makes life whimsical.

Scott Thorberg
Thorberg resides in Southern California full time and continues to pursue a career in Fine Art. “With the many challenges and occasional brawls with pure poverty it is still worth it!” says Scott. ART - MUSIC - INNOVATION are the only things that keep him excited.